Opaljet Solvent Media

  • Polyester film coating fully compatible with all solvent inks
  • Indoor quality from outdoor printers
  • Strong water resistance for short-term outdoor displays
You can now use the industry-standard Opaljet
display films from Lockfast on solvent ink
printing systems.

Lockfast Opaljet Solvent Media marks the first product in a new generation of digital media. A newly formulated coating increases the range of substrates that can be printed at high-quality levels using solvent inkjet printers.

Opaljet Solvent Media is completely compatible with eco, light and full-aggressive solvent inks. There is no need to laminate this 7-mil film for short-term banner displays. In fact, strong water resistance makes Opaljet Solvent Media suitable for outdoor displays for up to three months.

But the real advantage of this film is its very accurate dot control — indoor quality from outdoor solvent printing systems! Print high-quality roller banner displays. The film's smooth photoquality receiver layer results in stunning images. And its lightblock backing prevents adjacent display lights from spoiling the image. Plus Opaljet's polyester film is much more dimensionally stable than vinyl — no sagging under hot lights, no edge stretching and curling, no shrinkage of popup panels left overnight in a cold car or shipping container.

Lockfast Opaljet Solvent Media is available in standard roll lengths of 30 metres and a full range of widths from 914 mm through 1524 mm.

Use Lockfast Opaljet Solvent Media as your entry into a whole new display market!



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