Opaljet Supergloss Media

  • Special gloss coating eliminates lamination
  • Ultra-hard, scratch-resistant surface
  • Ideal for high-impact indoor roller banners
Achieve maximum impact with excellent,
intense color range — no lamination needed.

Lockfast Opaljet Supergloss Media features a breakthrough coating that offers intense, crisp display images without the extra costs associated with lamination. Early tests by customers show that Opaljet Supergloss delivers the widest range of brilliant colour of any similar inkjet media.

Opaljet Superglossí special formulated coating gives it unique hardness and scratch resistance. Itís ideal for indoor roller banners, offering maximum impact for tradeshow, retail, commercial and other display settings.

Sharp image reproduction, wide range of intense colour and excellent dimensional stability of Opaljetís polyester film core make Supergloss Media an effective match for high-end "point of sale" applications - all without lamination. Plus Supergloss avoids ugly "orange peel" effects common with other typical gloss materials.

Lockfast Opaljet Supergloss Media is available in standard roll lengths of 30 metres, a full range of widths from 914 mm through 1524 mm and a sturdy 7-mil thickness. Use Lockfast Opaljet Supergloss Media for stunning printed display impact without the cost of lamination!



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