Dual Lock
Tough Alternative To Mechanical Fasteners

Dual Lock 400/170
Dual Lock fasteners are intended to replace mechanical-type fasteners while retaining the blind fastening, adjustability and ease of use hook & loop fasteners offer. The types refer to the number of stems or mushrooms per square inch. Type 400 mates to itself, providing maximum strength. Often this is too much holding power. So we also offer Types 170 and 250.
Dual Lock 400/170 combination

Type 170 mates to Type 400 for less strength, or to loop for a semipermanent closure. Six different combinations are possible in the Dual Lock family to achieve the ease of release youíre looking for. Dual Lock products are typically available in 1/2" - 4" widths.

Dual Lock 250
Type 250 mates with itself or with Type 400 to achieve just the right amount of holding power. Type 250 is also available clear to better blend with your product.
Dual Lock 250/250

Low-Profile Dual Lock
Low-Profile Dual Lock is intended for all you exhibition and assembly needs. Contact Lockfast today for applications where hook & loop fasteners are not strong enough, regular Dual Lock is too thick and the application has limited openings and closures. This clear product is available in 5/8", 1" and 12" widths. Its engaged thickness is only .08" (2 mm).

LowPro-Dual-Lock Low-Profile Dual Lock

Rigid-Back Dual Lock 400
We apply an extra-heavy, semirigid backing to Dual Lock 400 to make Rigid-Back Dual Lock 400 for mechanical attachments. Itís available in strips and some stock configurations. We can die-cut this product to just about any shape you require.
RigidBack Rigid-Back Dual Lock 400

Features and strengths of typical Dual Lock fastener combinations
Dual Lock Combo Feature Disengagement Strength
(lb/sq in.)
170 to 400 Easy opening for multiple closures 30-40
250 to 250 Low engagement requirement balanced with moderate strength 35-45
250 to 400 Moderate engagement requirement balanced with good strength 45-55
400 to 400 High strength attachment for more demanding applications 55-65

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