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Lockfast names european branch manager

Lockfast President and CEO Gregg Bardon announces Andrew Simmons as General Manager for London-based Lockfast Europe Ltd. Simmons assumes full responsibility for unit operation and sales effective immediately. Lockfast Europe Ltd. is a wholly owned subsidiary of Lockfast Inc., a major U.S. supplier of exhibition and assembly products headquartered in Mason, Ohio, USA.

Simmons has extensive experience in supplying materials and services to the display, exhibition and tradeshow markets throughout Europe. He previously served as Sales Manager for a major European supplier of components to the industry.

According to Bardon, "Our expanding presence in Europe assures our existing European customers a consistent, available supply of quality-grade display fabrics. Plus they’ll have convenient access to our revolutionary line of inkjet media designed for displays and signs. In fact, customers from Britain to Russia will now have access to all our growing line of quality products and accessories for the exhibition and assembly markets."

Lockfast offers an extensive line of velcro-compatible display fabrics in a range of colors, textures and strengths to fit any display or architectural application. The company recently introduced a new Opaljet inkjet media product line, which is fully accessible to European customers. Lockfast also provides customers a full range of flexible velcro-type fasteners and accessories that support an array of customer display, exhibition and sign applications – as well as a variety of manufacturing assembly uses.

Conversion and coating capabilities enable the company to provide an assortment of specialty products to meet individual customer needs. The company has successfully served its North American market since 1969.

For additional information on Lockfast Europe Ltd. call 1-800-543-7157 or email

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