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Lockfast expands exhibition,
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Lockfast Inc., a major North American supplier of exhibition, display and sign materials, announces the addition of a revolutionizing inkjet film media to complement the company’s extensive display fabric and hook & loop offerings. Two of the newest film products are debuting in the market: Opaljet inkjet media for banner stands and pop-up displays; and Translucent II inkjet media for backlit signs and displays.

According to Lockfast President and CEO Gregg Bardon, "This unique inkjet film system is superior to traditional inkjet media. It’s competitively priced, offers higher value, and can actually improve margins for display and sign producers. Just as important is this product’s availability. We promise same-day shipping – just as we do for all Lockfast products."

Both the Opaljet and Translucent II inkjet media products are available in North America only from Lockfast. Opaljet inkjet media offers a robust yet lightweight finished display compared to traditional laminate/photobase/stop-light sandwich construction, which is prone to delamination and edge curl. Opaljet’s integral stop-light layer ensures bright saturated displays even in strong, mixed lighting. Unique one-pass finishing cuts production time in half.

Translucent II inkjet media is a universal-coverage, reverse-print, translucent media that offers image quality comparable to photographic display transparencies. Strength and handling characteristics of the 7-mil thick film allow greater creative choice. Eliminating "lamination sandwich" construction provides immediate savings and convenience.

All Lockfast inkjet media products are compatible with most display printing equipment including Encad Novajet and Chroma models; LaserMaster DisplayMaker models; Epson; Hewlett Packard; Mimaki/Roland/Mutoh; Gretag; Lexmark; Canon; and Kodak.

"We plan to grow this break-through inkjet media product line and to adjust other product offerings to continue meeting changing customer and market needs," says Bardon. "As users demand higher quality, lighter weight, more durable display components, Lockfast will continue to respond with high value products backed by our same superior delivery and support services."

Lockfast has successfully served North American customers since 1969 with a full range of display fabrics, Velcro-type fasteners, and accessories. The company offers rugged display fabrics in a range of colors, textures and strengths to fit any display or architectural application. Flexible hook & loop products and accessories support an array of customer display and sign applications – as well as a variety of manufacturing assembly uses. Lockfast’s conversion and coating capabilities enable the company to provide an assortment of specialty products to meet individual customer needs.

For additional information on Lockfast Europe Ltd., call 1-800-543-7157 or email

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