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Designed for quality, durability, convenience & affordability
All Lockfast Grafx cases are built for toughness and convenience. Diameters are inside diameters; heights are the maximum graphic sizes. Cases are about 10 cm taller than graphic size. All our cases are shippable via UPS or Fed Ex. Case linings and other accessories are the result of our years of experience with customer needs.

The 30.5-cm-diameter workhorse
Our mainstay family of 30.5-cm protection cases meets most graphicscarrying and transporting needs. These tough, extra-rigid, rotomolded thermoplastic shells accommodate lengths of 0.66 meter through 1.8 meters. Integrated lid handles and protected base wheels add convenience for all but the 0.66-meter model. All models feature an adjustable carrying strap. Fully recessed latches offer locking options for security and added protection.

Wheels   Adjustable Strap
Lockfast Grafx cases (except the smallest 30.5-cm by 0.66-meter model) feature
wheels protected by heavy metal fenders.
  All Lockfast Grafx cases feature a convenient adjustable carrying strap.

The 40.6-cm-diameter widebody
Occasionally a big job requires a big helper. Our 40.6-cm-diameter models feature the same tough construction and convenience features as the 30.5-cm models, but with a larger diameter option to better suit certain carrying and protection needs. These widebodies come in lengths of 1.06 and 1.27 meters.

Tube          Carrier

Simple Grafx fixed-tube carriers

For your convenience, Lockfast offers a lightweight 27.9-cm-diameter tube carrier that offers capacity similar to our smallest Grafx transport cases. A skirt stowing option is available. Our 12.7-cm tube with screwon lid offers yet another option for graphics storage and carrying. Pack graphics with rolled heights up to 1.14 meters in these sturdy tube carriers.

The convenient adjustable tube
Large Tube Carriers Pack graphics-filled tube carriers inside our more rugged models for extra transport protection. Lockfast provides two tube-type carriers in 7.62-cm and 10.16- cm diameters that feature adjustable lids. This option enables you to fit various size graphics in one storage/carrying Adjustable Tube case simply by adjusting the lid up or down to accommodaate height of the rolled graphic. This pair of Grafx cases offers welcome flexibility and convenience when planning the transport of your display and exhibit materials. Carry single tubes, or nest several inside a larger Grafx case for added convenience and protection during shipping.

Locking Options   Adjustable Strap
Fully recessed latches offer
locking options.
  Lid and body are keyed for
easy alignment and latching.

Big Tube Carries & Woman
Cases at a glance
Diameter (cm) Length (m)
Standard transport (30.48) 0.66*
Standard transport (40.64) 1.06
Fixed-tube (27.94) 1.27
Adjusta-tube (10.16) 1.27
Adjusta-tube (12.70) 1.27
Adjusta-tube (15.24) 1.27
Standard popup (40.64 x 55.88) 0.96
Deluxe popup (45.72 x 60.96) 1.06
  *The 0.66-meter model does not have lid handle or wheels.

The versatile popup display case
Lockfast provides two durable popup models depending on your budget and transport needs. Both models offer a relatively large work surface. Both provide lockable latches. And both feature the same rugged rotomolded construction as our Grafx standard transport cases. Our Grafx standard popup case features rugged wheels with screw-in axel that is riveted to the case for additional toughness. Our Grafx deluxe popup case is slightly larger than its standard counterpart. Besides greater capacity and an even larger work surface, it features a sturdy handle and recessed wheels for added convenience of this all-in-one case for popup displays.

Real Axel Wheels   Recessed Wheels Integral Handle
Grafx standard popup case with
real wheels and screw-on axel.
  Grafx deluxe popup case with recessed wheels and integral handle.

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