Opaljet inkjet media products
Revolutionizing the display and sign industries

Opaljet Inkjet Media – dramatic one-pass finishing for half the production time
Opaljet Inkjet Media This unique film system is ideal for banner stands and popup displays. It offers a robust yet lightweight finished display compared to traditional laminate/photobase/stop-light sandwich construction, which is prone to delamination and edge curl. Opaljet Inkjet’s integral stop-light layer ensures bright saturated displays even in strong, mixed lighting. Two versions are available – Opaljet Inket 300 for popup displays and Opaljet Inkjet 125 for rollup banners. Opaljet Inkjet further offers display producers simpler, more cost-effective production plus improved margin compared to traditional display media. More
Opaljet Solvent - fully compatible with all solvent inks
Opaljet Solvent

A special formulated coating increases the range of substrates that can be printed at high-quality levels using solvent inkjet printers. Opaljet Solvent Media is completely compatible with eco, light and full-aggressive solvent inks. There is no need to laminate this 7-mil film for short-term banner displays. In fact, strong water resistance makes Opaljet Solvent Media suitable for outdoor displays for up to three months.

But the real advantage of this film is its very accurate dot control – indoor quality from outdoor solvent printing systems! The film’s smooth photo-quality receiver layer results in stunning images. And its lightblock backing prevents adjacent display lights from spoiling the image. More

Opaljet Supergloss – high-impact images without lamination
Opaljet Supergloss

Early tests by customers show that Opaljet Supergloss delivers the widest range of brilliant colour of any similar inkjet media – without the extra costs associated with lamination. The special formulated coating gives Supergloss unique hardness and scratch resistance. It’s ideal for indoor roller banners, offering maximum impact for tradeshow, retail, commercial and other display settings.

Sharp image reproduction, wide range of intense colour and excellent dimensional stability of Opaljet’s polyester film core make Supergloss Inkjet Media an effective match for high-end “point of sale” applications – all without lamination and without ugly “orange peel” effects common with other typical gloss materials. More



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