Focusing on great customers, great
products, great support!

Our strengths help you compete better
Lockfast has carefully developed the cornerstones of its business so we supply products and accessories to the markets we serve more effectively than anyone else. Consider how our key strengths help you perform better:

  • Warehouse capacity - We offer a wide range of products available in stock when you need them.
  • Quick delivery - We get products from our warehouse to anywhere in North America to help meet your production schedule.
  • Expertise - We know our markets and applications. We help customers fit the right product to the right use.
  • Responsiveness - Our product availability and expertise help
    Same Day Shipping
    customers overcome a variety of emergencies - including solving sudden design or production problems.
  • Relationship marketing - We get to know our customers one by one. Lockfast is a supplier partner with a vested interest in the success of your business.
  • History - We've developed a loyal base of customers and vendors over our 35-plus years of operation to further characterise Lockfast as a supplier you can count on.

Service is in everything we do
The Lockfast mission is to provide the highest quality, competitively priced products backed by outstanding customer service. We offer perhaps the widest product range for the exhibition, display and sign markets. Extensive warehouse capacity enables ready availability of these products. Onsite capabilities further allow conversion and special processing to meet your specific requirements.

Quality products are often only as good as the end use of the product. Lockfast expertise assists customers to correctly match product and application. We carry only quality materials. We train our people to know you, your industry and how our products best fit your applications. Ready availability assures you get the best product on time to meet your production deadlines.


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