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3M fasteners


Dual Lock - Hook and Loop - Adhesive Tape

3M and Lockfast: trusted fasteners and value.

Lockfast rotary die-cuts, custom slits, shape cutters, laminates, applies adhesive coatings and otherwise converts hook and loop, and other fasteners to exceed customer requirements.

Dual Lock™ 400/250/170:

  • Strong, interlocking mushroom stems that close with a snap to assure your application is securely fastened.
  • Available in three stem densities per square inch; 400/250/170.
  • Mix and match stem densities for your ideal closure strength.
  • Temperature, moisture, and UV resistant.      
  • Available in black (and clear with select products). 

Hook and Loop:

  • Medium strength, for lighter weight and quick interchanging applications.
  • Easy release liner with easy peel edge.
  • Available in pressure sensitive adhesive (PSA) and plain back (sew on) backings.
  • Rubber or Acrylic backings adhesive.
  • Colors available in black or white. 

Foam Tape:

  • Vinyl foam tapes feature a closed cell design to provide durability, flexibility, weather resistance, and a seal against dust, light, and moisture.
  • Urethane foam tapes have an open cell and include models with excellent cushioning characteristics and high absorbency to trap moisture, dust, and contaminants.
  • Adhesives available in single or double-sided.
  • Colors available in black, white, and grey in select products.



We also offer a full line of single and double coated foam tapes, coated fabrics, felts, and PVC for cushioning, fastening or barrier applications.