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School Fabrics and Fasteners

Lockfast sells Tempo display fabric to the exhibit and display industries for wall covering, display booths and as sales tools. Tempo is a soft-pile 60” (NOT 54") -wide fabric sold by the running yard. We also sell hook & loop Velcro-type fasteners that can be used with the Tempo fabric.

Occasionally we have "seconds" quality material available in Tempo due to customer returns. The "seconds" inventory changes daily. Tempo is offered in a variety of colors, as listed below. When placing an order, please provide us with a range of color selections such as bright, dark, neutral, etc.

We CANNOT guarantee color selections in "seconds". We TRY to make the best selections possible from the order description, but we may only have one color in stock at the time you place your order. ORDERS ARE NOT RETURNABLE. You are buying goods "as is/as available". If you need specific colors, call and discuss "first" quality goods. "First" quality prices are three to four times higher than the "seconds", but allow you to purchase exact colors.

Placing Orders

Orders received on a formal school district purchase order will be reviewed for open account terms. Once approved, our terms of sale are Net 30 days We accept checks and money orders. If the order subtotal is over $75.00, we also accept MasterCard or Visa. For credit card orders, include the cardholder's name, card number, expiration date and signature of cardholder with the order.

Click here to request an order form. Enjoy your bright-colored Tempo display fabric and your savings!


  • Black 2345
  • Blueberry 2149
  • Camel II 6L71
  • Charcoal 390A
  • Coronation 0350
  • Flame 2378
  • Hunter Green 31m2
  • Oyster 2109
  • Platinum 143A
  • Royal 8138
  • Spanish Red 3620
  • Sterling 77V2
  • Walnut 60 inch
  • White 60 inch
  • Yellow 5174