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tempo fabric for hook and loop


The Original Display Loop Fabric

Exclusively offered by Lockfast


TEMPO®  is a tri-laminated loop fabric designed for engagement with standard hook fasteners. Made of 100% nylon face fabric with polyester foam core and nylon jersey backing. TEMPO® is utilized for Trade Show booths, Fabric Panel Display Boards, Costumes, Jewelry Cases, Auto Upholstery and much more. 

TEMPO® Attributes...

  • Full rolls are 45 yards by a full usable 60” width
  • Securely packaged in suspended cartons to minimize lay marks
  • Sound absorbing nature improves the acoustics in any environment
  • Great sanitary option as it can be cleaned easily with soap and water
  • We offer cut yardage in one-yard increments down to a minimum 5-yard roll
  • Uniform color throughout ensures top professional-looking appearance, with vibrancy of color fastness
  • Hides indentations and irregular surfaces, and recovers from indentations with light misting or steaming
  • Custom fabricating options available, such as slitting to width, punch press shaping, and transfer tape applications
  • Inherent, hard-wearing characteristics of the nylon mean Tempo® fabrics are constructed to last offering years of value
  • Resists mildew, mold, stains, dust, particles, lint and dirt, making it optimal for continued use in numerous environment
  • Tested by an independent testing laboratory against standards for upholstery fabrics as set by the National Association of Furniture Manufacturers

For samples or a quote, please contact us at 800-543-7157.

TEMPO® is offered in a variety of vibrant colors providing solutions for a vast array of applications.

∗ Due to computer monitor color variations, please contact us with questions or concerns regarding fabric colors.

Tempo® Fabric Attributes:

  • Composition: 100% Warp knit nylon fabric with polyester foam core and nylon jersey backing.
  • Roll Width: 60"
  • Roll length: 45 yards nominal
  • Fabric Weight: 8-oz/sq. yard nominal (265 g/m. sq.)
  • Fabric Thickness: .100", .050" compressed


Flame Resistance:

This fabric has the following flame-resistant characteristics:

  • Flame spread rate of 25
  • Fuel contributing factor of 15
  • Smoke density factor of 20
  • Class A standard for wall covering

The tests were conducted in accordance with the provisions of ASTM designation E84- 70, "Standard Method of Test for Surface Burning Characteristics of Building Materials". Fabric was mounted to A/C board with a water-based adhesive. This test method is identical to that specified in ANS No. 2.5, NFPA No.255, UL No.723 and UBC No. 42-1.

Tested Toughness:

This fabric has been tested by an independent testing laboratory against standards for upholstery fabrics set by the National Association of Furniture Manufacturers.

D-1682-59T Grab Method)
50 Lbs.
97.5 Lbs. Average
6 Lbs.
11.6 Lbs. Average
5% Maximum
1.3% Average
SEAM SLIPPAGE (Method 5420 Modified)
(D D D-T-191 B) At All
25 Lbs.
No Seam Slippage
ABRASION (Wyzenbeek Method C.of A.S.T.M.
D-1175-61T) Head Load -3 Lbs. Tension -4 Lbs.
Abradant -No.8 Canvas Duck
15,000 Double Rubs
100,000 Double Rubs
LIGHT FASTNESS (A.A.T.C.C. Method 16A-64)
40 Hrs.
40/150 Hrs.
CROCKING (A.A.T.C.C. Method 8-61)
Wet-Class 3 Minimum,
Dry-Class 4 Min.
Class 5-No Crocking
Class 5-No Crocking